When Was India Colonized? – Historical facts

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When Was India Colonized? – Historical facts

When Was India Colonized? – Historical facts

This is a question you have come across or you are bound to come across. As a historian, it will be of the great essence if you have the exact years when India was colonized at your fingertips. It not only serves as general knowledge but will also be of the great essence when you embark on a research about India.

One of the most dominant colonial powers that stamped their feet in India was the great British.


  1. British Colonization in India 
  2. Conclusion

Here is a brief history on British Colonization in India:

British Colonization in India

When Was India Colonized

The British started colonizing India from 1858-1947. This colonization did not start abruptly.

First, you need to know what the British were up to in India. One of the reasons happens to be that the Brits were out to find the most current trade routes.

This was to serve as one of the best strategies in expanding their market. So they had to explore the oceans and find viable routes that were to play an important role in enhancing trade.

Another reason for these British coming by was contributed by the notion of western supremacy. It is something that was evident in many European countries. These Europeans wanted to civilize every person they came across.

So armed with these two aims, the British found themselves in India. In fact, they are the ones who ended up controlling a larger part of the Indian Territory.

They went further to colonize different aspects in the Indian society for instance:

  • Culture
  • Education
  • Economy
  • Politics
  • Religion

That is why to date, the above aspects in India still draw inspiration from Great Britain. There is a great similarity between how the British and Indians relate to those aspects.

Colonization in India began gradually. This was pioneered by the establishment of the British East India Company. This company was established on 31st December 1600. The aim of this company was to oversee smooth business operations between India and Britain. 8 years late the first Ships docked in India. This was evidence of business moving smoothly.

Come 23rd June the year 1757 the Battle of Plessey. This battle resulted in positive results that benefited the British.

It paved way for the British East Company supporting the British on their gradual India take over. Come 1877 on 1st January, Queen Victoria was confirmed as the Empress of India. This was an announcement that took place in Delhi.

It signified that India was now under the rule of the British rule. The British were the one running all the essential operations in this country.

The 5 important aspects in India, which are culture, politics, economy, education, and Religion, were controlled in relation to the British system. With an upper hand in business, the British could now control India without any problem.

Another reason why India was colonized easily is due to the fights and wrangles they constantly had. 

For example the Tipu Sultan resistance to the British, this was opposed by some people In India. So the lack of unity made it easier for the Brits to gain control over India.


Colonization in India took place gradually and with a great strategy. The Brits slowly came into India and managed to take control of the country systematically.



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