Indian Visa Photo Requirements – You Need To Know

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Indian Visa Photo Requirements – You Need To Know

Indian Visa Photo Requirements – You Need To Know

For any foreign to travel to India he/she needs to have an Indian visa. You cannot apply for Indian electronic visa if you do not have a valid passport.

Your passport must also have a photo which must have some specific dimensions and features

When it comes to Indian visa photo requirements, the authorities are very strict. It’s a must that you follow the instructions which are given on the application form carefully for you to avoid rejection.

Based on the specification which is given by the international standards organization, which is responsible for standardizing travel documents there are so many photo requirements that you must comply before you upload your photos during your visa application.

During the application, you are required to have another 2 additional physical copies of your photos apart from the one which you uploaded online.

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Indian visa photo requirements

1. Photo print properties

  • Your photo should be colored and of measurements 2 by 2 inches.
  • You can print your photo on a thin photo paper.
  • The print of your photo should be clear and have a continuous tone quality
  • Your head you be center head within the frame
  • The background of your photo should be plain white
  • Your photo must present full head from your hair to the bottom of your chin
  • Your photo should show your eyes open, front view and full face.
  • You should show a natural expression on your face
  • You should take your photo while looking straight to the camera and forward.
  • The photo should have been taken within the last 3 months.
  • You are not supposed to smile but having a neutral expression is good.
  • For a man, he can have beards or not.

2. Headgears and coverings

  • You should not use any head covering such as scarfs, caps unless you use them for medical or religious reasons.
  • While you cover your head the facial features must be seen such as the bottom of your chin, the top of your forehead and the edges of your face.
  • You should not apply too many makeups as they can distort your images.

3. Eyeglasses

  • You should avoid glare on the eyeglasses through downward tilt or slight upward of your head
  • You should not use dark or tinted glasses.
  • In many cases, they recommend that you remove your glasses when you are taking your photo

4. Lighting and exposure

  • Lighting must be adjusted for you to avoid any shadows on the background or face.
  • You should not over-expose and under-expose your photo
  • You can use 3-point balanced lighting so that your facial features can be clearly seen.

5. Photo for infants

  • The children who are above one year up to 10 years old they must have their eyes open
  • The newly born infants must not be completely centered on the photo
  • The infants who are under 12 months old may not be required to have their eyes open, although if you are able to take a photo while their eyes are open it will be acceptable.
  • You can hold the infant while taking the photos.
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