Indian Visa for US Citizens – Requirements and How to Apply

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Indian Visa for US Citizens – Requirements and How to Apply

Indian Visa for US Citizens – Requirements and How to Apply

The number of Americans visiting India is increasing day by day due to its cultural and traditional heritage since last many decades.

E-visa has been started by the Indian government to facilitate people visiting India for various countries for the purpose of tourism as well as business.

US citizens can apply for Indian e-visa online to get permission to enter into this country within 2 days.

Though they can also apply for a regular visa but it can be a time-consuming method as compared to applying for e-visa.

Indian visa for US citizens can also be got on arrival from the USA. They can apply for Visa o Arrival after landing at an Indian airport while visiting India.


Indian visa requirements for US citizens

The documentary requirements for US citizens to apply for Indian e-visa may include:

  1. scanned copy of first and last page of American passport;
  2. passport size photograph in JPEG format with a white background.

Along with it, you must have details of the passport of your parents, detail information of the passport of your spouse and information related to your work.

However, you will have to keep photographs and other documents ready in required size and format before filing the application, if you are applying for Indian e-visa yourself.

Indian Visa


How to apply online for Indian visa for US citizens?

US citizens can apply for Indian e-visa online the website of Indian electronic visa service

Indian Visa for US Citizens

The official website of Indian e-visa is, here you can apply e-visa for Indian visa online.

The payment and application portals at this site are very reliable.

US passport holders will have to take care of the application while applying for e-visa through this portal.

There you can get your job done at a very reasonable price without any problem as soon as possible.

Indian Visa


Do US citizens need an e-visa to visit India?

Any international traveler including US citizens, who is visiting India for recreation, medical treatments as well as for business purpose is required to get a legitimate e-visa to enter this country.

After visiting India with a valid e-visa US citizen can visit his family and friends as well as see Indian sights and historical monuments if his motive is recreation.

However, for the purpose of medical treatment, US citizen can use the Indian system of medicines, attend yoga programs and other medical treatments required to him.

US citizens visiting India for business purpose can attend seminars, conferences, and workshops organized by a department of the ministry of the government of India, UT administration or State governments along with public and private sector organizations only.

How much is an e-visa for India from America?

Normally e-visa for India for tourists from America can cost EUR 129. Normally it may take 4 days to get the visa.

Do US citizens need a vaccine to travel to India?

Yes, according to the recommendations of WHO and CDC certain vaccines are required while traveling to India.

These vaccines may include a vaccine for typhoid, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, yellow fever, cholera, rabies, Japanese encephalitis, measles, meningitis, polio, rubella and mumps along with chickenpox, Tdap, influenza, shingles, and pneumonia.

These vaccinations will keep US citizens safe from the diseases spread by food, water as well as infections from animals and insects.

Is Indian visa required for my child?

Yes, all international travelers including children are required to get an official visa while traveling to India.

The parents or guardians traveling with the child have to fill a separate application for e-visa for each child.

Normally it is advisable that children should accompany with legal guardians while crossing a border from their country.

It is important to keep in mind that the surname of the holder of each passport should match.

In order to avoid any confusion, the guardian of the child must have legal documents to prove the status of his legal guardianship with the child traveling with him.

How long in advance should US citizens apply for the e-Visa for India?

U.S. citizens who want to enter into India only for the purpose of tourism and are planning to stay in India for not more than 60 days can apply for e-visa minimum four days before the date of their traveling.

They can apply for e-visa online to get it processed within 2-4 days. Standard processing of e-visa may take up to 96 hours. But for faster processing of your e-visa, you will have to pay additional processing charges.

Indian Visa


How long can USA citizens stay in India?

Whether US citizens are traveling to India with tourist e-visa, medical e-visa or business e-visa they can stay in India only for 60 days to the maximum.

However, tourist and medical e-visa holders can enter India two times during this period.

But business visa holders can enter India thrice during the validity of their visa to India.

If you want to stay more in India then you will have to extend your e-visa.

Do American citizens need a printed copy of the Indian e-visa?

American citizens are required to have printed copy of Indian e-visa as they may have to show it on their arrival at any of the Indian airports.

Can I work in India on the e-Visa?

No, any foreigner including US citizens cannot work in India while traveling on e-visa.

The foreign workers will have to seek work visa or E-Visa to work in India for one year or as per the term of the contract, maximum up to 5 years.

Can I study in India on the e-Visa?

No, you cannot study in India on an e-visa.

You will have to submit an application for study visa to study in India for up to five years in a recognized institution.

What is an Indian visa processing time?

If you have applied for an e-visa then it can be processed from 2-4 days depending upon your urgency.

What is the difference between Indian Travel Visa on Arrival (TVoA) and Indian e-visa?

Basically, Indian Travel Visa on Arrival or TVoA and Indian e-visa are similar. However, the visa for tourism on arrival or TVoA can be applied after arriving at any of the 9 Indian international airports and after paying a  fee of EUR 129 per person.

This visa cannot be issued to the foreigners entering into India through any other airport or by land. E-visa, on the other hand, has to be applied before starting to travel to India.

It can be used for landing on any of the Indian airports as well as entering into India through roadways.

Do I need to have a flight ticket or hotel voucher before applying for Indian e-visa?

While applying for Indian e-visa you need not have a ticket of flight or hotel voucher.

But when you arrive in India you must have a return ticket to show to the authorities when asked.

Types of Indian visas for US citizens

There are various types of Indian visas for US Citizens including:

  • Tourist visa for 60 days and valid for double entry
  • Business visa for 60 days and valid for triple entry
  • Employment visa for 1-5 years as per the terms of the employment agreement or contract
  • Student visa for up to 5 years to study in an Indian government approved institution
Indian Visa



The information provided in this write-up can help US citizens to get a valid e-visa before planning to travel into India for tourism, business as well as for medical treatment for a limited period of 60 days.

The validity of an e-visa expires after 120 days from the date of its issuance.

E-visa cannot be extended once its tenure of 60 days is over.

It will automatically expire after the lapse of 120 days from its issue date.



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