Indian Visa For US Born Child – How to travel

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Indian Visa For US Born Child – How to travel

Indian Visa For US Born Child – How to travel

India has several iconic sites and sceneries that are worth visiting at any time of the year. But in order to travel to this country, you need to have the necessary documents.

The good news is that applying for the Indian visa is 100 percent easy.

All you have to do is to apply for a visa early in advance to avoid any possible delays even for short stays.

If you are planning to stay in India for more than 60 days, then you will need a different type of visa.

In general, there are several options available for making applications other than applying through Indian consulate or embassy; e-visas are also available via the government official website.

Making your application online can save you a great deal of time and cash prior to travel.

Many new parents applying for Indian visa for us born child at the embassy may be curious about the entire process of application since the visa requirements differ from country to country.


  1. Traveling to India with US-born Child
  2. Authorization  
  3. Applying for an Indian visa for US-born child
  4. Getting a Person Indian Origin (PIO) Card

Traveling to India with US-born Child

Indian Visa For US Born Child

In order to travel to India with US-born child, you need to acquire a visa for your child prior you travel. However, there are several things you ought to consider prior booking a trip to India.

For instance, an adult US citizen has a passport valid for 10 years, and the minor under the age of 16 have a passport valid for 5 years. 

The law requires the US parents to accompany their children whenever they are entering a new country. It is essential to make sure that the surname on each passport matches. In a situation where the surnames do not match, legal documentation may be required as a way to prove that you are the legal guardian of the child traveling.


Indian Visa For US Born Child

Parents making the first trip to a foreign country are required to sign a form authorizing the baby to leave the country.

Without filling the authorization form, the child will not be issued with a visa.

The minors under the age of 5 are permitted to affix the thumbprint in either black or blue ink; children over the age of five must sign their names. Also, the parents ought to include their signatures.

Applying for an Indian visa for US-born child

Indian Visa For US Born Child

The US-born child is not allowed to use the e-visa system;

as a result, the child’s guardian must accompany the child to the embassy to apply for the visa.

At the embassy, the guardian will be required to produce the necessary documents, including driving license, passport information pages, and child’s birth certificate stating the names as well as nationalities of both parents.

Getting a Person Indian Origin (PIO) Card

Indian Visa For US Born Child

This step is not mandatory, especially if you will be staying in India for a short time.

However, you may consider applying for PIO since your child has a US passport. It is worth stating that the Person Indian Origin Card cannot grant the US-born child dual citizenship, but allows your child to gain visa-free entry to India.

You can apply for PIO online for a fee of $185 and takes at least 2 weeks to be processed.




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