How to transfer money from India to the USA? – Guide

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How to transfer money from India to the USA? – Guide

How to transfer money from India to the USA? – Guide

Are you in India and probably wondering how to transfer money from India to the USA?

Well, you need not worry as the latest technology inventions in this age has made it less complicated to send cash to your friends and loved ones abroad. In the past, sending money to another country involved quite a big process that was tiresome and irritating.

However, due to the latest online services sending cash to any part of the world has now become much flexible. Here is how to send money specifically from India to
the USA.


  1. Use of PayPal
  2. Use of Money Gram 
  3. Electronic transfer
  4. Crypto-currency method

Use of PayPal

How to transfer money from India to the USA

Basically, this is the most common method used by numerous people to transfer cash in different currencies to different parts of the world. As for sending cash from India to the USA, all you need to do is open a PayPal account at the comfort of your home and link your local bank account.

Your email id should be the account number. After your PayPal has been verified then you can now log in and send cash instantly to a USA PayPal account. 

However, using this money transfer option in India has been under some harsh regulations recently.

Use of Money Gram

How to transfer money from India to the USA

Aside from PayPal which is commonly used by many people to send cash abroad, Money Gram is another effective method you could effectively use to send money from India to the USA.

Nevertheless, Money Gram provides the user with two services that include the Economy service and same day service.

The person you intend to send cash to in the USA can choose to receive the money on the same day by choosing the same day service by visiting a Money Gram agent and collecting it after you have made the transaction from India. 

Alternatively, the recipient in the USA can receive the cash in a bank account in 3 business days by choosing the Economy service.

Electronic transfer

How to transfer money from India to the USA

Electronic transfer is the other mode of sending money from India to the USA. However, this applies to the same banks located in USA and India. 

You can send funds from a bank account in India to a bank account in the USA and the recipient can receive the money in the account the same day or in 2 days depending on the bank Electronic transfer system. This is like transferring funds from one bank account to another bank account in India.

Crypto-currency method

How to transfer money from India to the USA

The crypto-currency method is a new international money transfer technology that allows you to receive money from overseas in a matter of 5 hours maximum.

If you are sending money from India to the USA, then crypto-currency will do it for you in a few hours. This international money transfer is unique and new to many individuals.
Transferring money from India to the USA has never been easier with the above-proven methods.

However, it’s vital to be keen on the charges on each mode of international money transfer.

The charges vary in every method you choose as your money transfer and so it’s your choice to go with the one that is within your budget.



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